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9 Fun New Rules to Spice Up Monopoly

We here at Bad Kerning love to mix up the rules in games sometimes, including in our own Sell Outs (we have a huge list of alternate rules available in this post). Here’s a few new rules to try at your next Monopoly get together that will ensure that no one asks you to play Monopoly ever again!

  1. Each turn must start with a dance break to loosen up.
  2. All pieces must be referred to by their full, formal names, i.e. “the blue car,” not just “the blue.”
  3. Players are encouraged to talk in exaggerated accents and make inappropriate jokes.
  4. If a player rolls a three, they must make a sound like a barnyard animal of their choice.
  5. If a player lands on a “tax” square, they must perform a karaoke song of the game owner’s choosing.
  6. If a player lands on “jail,” they must take a shot of vinegar.
  7. Players may only move their pieces with their toes.
  8. If a player lands on a “chance” square, they must recite a Shakespearean sonnet.
  9. If a player lands on “Go,” they must perform a stand-up comedy routine.

Disclaimer: These rules are meant to be humorous and not taken seriously. Play at your own risk!

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