About Us

Introducing Bad Kerning Games – the creative force behind unforgettable gaming experiences that are as fun as they are inclusive. Founded with a mission to bring joy to all, we’re not just about games – we’re about creating communities that celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Our flagship masterpiece, “Sell Outs,” along with its dynamic expansion, “Sell Outs: The Traveling Salesman Edition,” has taken the gaming world by storm. But that’s not all – we’re brewing up a cauldron of excitement with multiple expansions and three thrilling games currently in progress.

The tale of Bad Kerning’s inception begins with a lackluster game of Cards Against Humanity. That moment of dissatisfaction sparked a revolution, birthing “Sell Outs” – a party game that fuses the uproarious hilarity of Cards Against Humanity with a fresh twist. Here, the power of interpretation lies not with the judge, but with the players themselves, enhancing the social camaraderie.

At Bad Kerning, innovation is our muse. We believe in the art of multitasking game components, working to make components serve a purpose beyond the obvious. Inclusivity is etched into our design ethos, where we’re dedicated to breaking barriers that hinder gameplay. From colorblind-friendly symbols and hues to dyslexia-friendly fonts, we’re on a mission to make gaming an open playground for everyone.

The road ahead is paved with dreams as bold as our games. Sustainability reigns supreme as we march forward, nurturing communities through sponsored events and giving back to the gaming world that embraces us. Charity partnerships are on our horizon, as we harness the power of play to support noble causes.

Welcome to Bad Kerning Games – where every game is an adventure, every player is a friend, and every smile is our ultimate victory. Join us as we redefine the gaming landscape, one innovative and inclusive experience at a time.