Sell Outs

Have you ever played a card game, and had the judge misread or mess up your card when reading them, leaving you disappointed and humiliated? NEVER AGAIN!

With Sell Outs, the power of the pitch is in your hands! You decide how your cards are interpreted, so success or failure are your own!

Explain why a cardboard cutout of Nicolas Cage could help you rob a bank! Or why your best bet for a wrestling gimmick is your AI girlfriend! In Sell Outs, the customer has a problem – and boy do the salespersons have solutions. Craft the perfect product with your choice of one feature (and a random feature) and explain why your product is best! If the customer likes your product the most, you get the best gift of all. An Almighty Dollar! Collect the most at the end of 3 rounds to win!


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