Downloads Page!

Greetings fellow humans! I have recently updated with a DOWNLOADS PAGE! THE PRINT AND PLAY PDF IS HERE!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Print and Play PDF has not yet been tested at any place that prints stuff as a service! This first edition PnP PDF is a print at your own risk! Although I did print out a copy using regular printer paper, and it looks lovely, even in black and white. Further instructions for getting the best print possible:
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Our First Print!

After several months of work, and almost two excruciatingly long weeks of waiting, we have finally received the results of our first print! I used some placeholder designs I made in Illustrator, but guys, let me tell you, the product and feature cards are striking! All the designs still need some refinement and some branding, but I am really pleased with this first set.
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Our RTX Trip

So I thought I should post something about our RTX trip this past weekend. First things first:


Met a bunch of great people, got pictures with internet famous people, played Sell Outs with brand new people (which I will write about in more detail later). It was my first convention experience, and it was really interesting. First, my thoughts going into the expo.
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On the topic of Printing

Printing has given me a serious pain in the neck. I have been looking into printing for Sell Outs. Recently I went to a local company to get some estimates for printing a prototype, at which I was quoted $65 per hour with a time estimate of 87.5 hours. Some back of the napkin math tells me that is roughly… $6,000. Bad start, but that was not truly in their wheelhouse. I get it. I dusted myself off from that moment of defeat, and I thought, “Well I guess I had better just create all the cards myself.” But before I actually did that, I went online and found a website that specializes in printing playing cards. GREAT! Surely they have an easier method for creating cards, and it won’t be that expensive. ($30 setup fee and $1 per card.) Well shit. That’s still about $600-$700 for everything. After a few weeks of research, quotes, and design, I have some…

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RTX Banner

We’re going to RTX 2016!

A week from tomorrow, Shanay and I will be flying to scenic Austin, Texas to battle the massive hoards in Texas summer weather at Rooster Teeth Expo. We had the trip planned before I started seriously working on Sell Outs, back when it was just a tiny little thought baby (as a side note, this was before RT announced Million Dollars But…). Here we are several months later with a great and fully functional prototype, a rough estimate for a Kickstarter date, and a decent amount of publicity within our group of friends.
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Card Design: A Frustrating Endeavor

We have started thinking of card designs. It is difficult to think of designs that are similar, but distinct from that of other games. Our three-card format is also complicating things a bit, since we need three distinct designs that help easily determine which card is which, but at the same time similar enough that the design works well.

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My apologies to anyone who might be viewing the site and noticing constant changes and updates to the site. I haven’t had much occasion to update until now. I’m hoping to have something more akin to a final product in the coming weeks. We’re going to need a professional looking platform from which to inform people of our product, and I haven’t set up a dev environment yet.

All in good time. As for now, this is my personal css playground.