Hey, What's Your Problem?

Sell Outs is a game that seizes power from the judge in card games, and gives it to the players.  Never again will your cards be misread or misinterpreted by bored or over-enthused judges, no. Never again suffer because the uninformed judge never saw some show, or didn’t learn about that thing in school. The guaranteed win cards are a thing of the past. Your customer has to hear your words, understand your meaning. If your cards are boring, it’s because you wanted them to be boring.

Put on an accent. Recite a poem. Make a tagline. Trash-talk your opponent’s products. Sell your cards your way. Don’t accept being shackled to the judge’s interpretation of your cards. Strap them down. Use those eye opening devices from Clockwork Orange. Make them see your vision for your product. Open their eyes.

In this 450 card game, players take on the roles of salespeople, with a questionable stock of products and features. One player per round takes the role of the customer, drawing a problem card for the salespeople to solve. The salespeople in turn play a product and feature card from their hands, trying to sell the resulting item as they do. Before the pitch is over, though, the player must draw a random feature from the deck. Spin, twist, and sell your product to win the round.

But Wait! There's More!

Sell Outs is a full meal. Sometimes you need something to grab and go. A light snack to hold you over on a hopper flight, or in the never-ending line at your local Arby’s. Maybe you just don’t like carrying around a game slightly larger than a brick that might get you questioned at the luggage check.

Sell Outs Traveling Salesman Edition is just such a snack. It’s salty and sweet, a nice little holdover between meals. A tasty little morsel that fits in your pocket but still manages to pack enough content to keep things interesting. And the double sided cards double the content on every card. Twice the flavor, same price. The small form factor lets you take this delectable little game inconspicuously to the bar without raising any suspicion.

In this 54 card ‘lite’ version, you want to literally sell out of your hand of products and feature. Here’s the catch, the product cards you get at the beginning remain in your hand. Think like a desperate merchant trying to figure out how to hawk all their stuff before they have to close their doors and move to another country due to the impending fraud lawsuits. In this version, we’ve abandoned the individual problem cards. You don’t have enough room in your pockets for that many problems. No, to save space, we’ve written the problems on a list. Pick one.

This is a standalone game. A monolith, strong and proud. But even the most independent among us still needs a friend, and because of this, the Traveling Salesman Edition can be integrated into Sell Outs as an expansion, and the cards are easy enough to identify if you want to separate them again.