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Old Bucket Trick – Outlast Gameplay Part 2

The Old Bucket Trick

Outlast Bucket Trick

We are trying to increase the scary games we do, because scary games seem to be popular in this format. We start off where Shanay quit in our first Outlast video. We have decided that the first video ended with the old bucket trick, as it were. This is my new head-canon, anyway.

While there were a few tense moments in the game, I think we determined that Outlast is not for us. It is certainly a good looking game, all the blood and viscera are on point. The set pieces are well done, and help to set a good atmosphere for da’horror. Unfortunately it did not help us enjoy the game much beyond that fact. The game stopped feeling scary towards the end of this video, and seemed just more tedious.

For example, I found a perfect hiding spot just behind a door, and when my assailant walked through the door, he immediately saw me, using his invisible, night-vision eyes that he has in the back of his head. That would be a useful mutation in an asylum full of murderous psychopaths, but takes away from the realism somewhat.

I’m not sure if I quit because of nerves or frustration, but I don’t think I am going to revisit Outlast again. I am not usually one to watch or play or read anything that is heavily horror-based.

Maybe Dean, the Third Player, will check it out again at some point.

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