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Beware of Scope Creep

Prioritizing Scope Creep

I haven’t written a real update in a while. I should get better at this. So this project has presented a very new challenge for me. I knew from the beginning that this would be a big project. It’s only now, about two months before our planned Kickstarter launch date, that I realize how much I underestimated it. Scope creep is real, and it haunts me. We are, for the most part, just a team of two working on a majority of this project, and we know little of business, printing, distribution, and a lot of other challenges we face over the coming months.
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Post RTX Trip Post

Us right after registration

Our RTX Trip

So I thought I should post something about our RTX trip this past weekend. First things first:


Met a bunch of great people, got pictures with internet famous people, played Sell Outs with brand new people (which I will write about in more detail later). It was my first convention experience, and it was really interesting. First, my thoughts going into the expo.
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