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Post RTX Trip Post

Us right after registration

Our RTX Trip

So I thought I should post something about our RTX trip this past weekend. First things first:


Met a bunch of great people, got pictures with internet famous people, played Sell Outs with brand new people (which I will write about in more detail later). It was my first convention experience, and it was really interesting. First, my thoughts going into the expo.
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RTX – We are going to Texas!

RTX Banner

We’re going to RTX 2016!

A week from tomorrow, Shanay and I will be flying to scenic Austin, Texas to battle the massive hoards in Texas summer weather at Rooster Teeth Expo. We had the trip planned before I started seriously working on Sell Outs, back when it was just a tiny little thought baby (as a side note, this was before RT announced Million Dollars But…). Here we are several months later with a great and fully functional prototype, a rough estimate for a Kickstarter date, and a decent amount of publicity within our group of friends.
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