Sell Outs is the game about saying anything to get a sale.

Solve problems with your absurd solutions!

It’s a game that is ultimately as innocent or adult as your pitch!

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  • 50 Problem Cards
  • 125 Product Cards
  • 275 Feature Cards
  • Very easy to learn
  • Family and work friendly
  • Doesn’t have to be, though
  • Probably not full of scorpions
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Our First Expansion which also doubles as a stand alone game!

Perfect game to put in your bag for when you are traveling!

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  • 6 Problem Lists
  • 16 Double Sided Product Cards
  • 34 Double Sided Feature Cards
  • Can be added to the base game as an expansion
  • Totally still playable by itself
  • Its bite can kill a man in three seconds.
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