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Sell Outs announcement!

Alpha Prototype of Sell Outs

Here’s the Skinny on Sell Outs

Some friends and I have been working on a new project, a card based party game we are calling Sell Outs! It’s a great prompt-response style game with tons of combinations. The best part about this game: it takes some creativity to win. Your cards will not speak for themselves, it is up to you, the merchant, to give the consumer (the judge) a reason to pick your card.

We have a prototype that we have been playtesting when we can, and so far, we’ve had a blast! We still have a long way to go, what with needing designs, a proper website, a marketing plan and more, but our goal is to have a Kickstarter campaign up in January 2017!

We have over 900 cards planned across our three card types. The base game is expected to contain between 350 and 550 cards, and the specialized expansions will be about 100 cards each. The expansions will be things like the Adult expansion, the Black Market expansion, the TV expansion, and more.

Sell Outs will have Specialized Expansions!

I want these to be purchased separately, because sometimes you do not want cards relating to a topic you know nothing about. Many people are not familiar with anime, and would probably not understand all the references in the Anime expansion. Some people might want to play this game with family, and might not want to include the Adult pack. The main set will be accommodating to most people, and should not leave anyone wondering, “What the hell is this? Guess I am never using that card.”

How Sell Outs is Different

One of the concepts I like the best about this idea is that it does not fit the typical “play a card for a card” style games. In Cards Against Humanity for example, you might think your white card is really the greatest response to the black card in the entire game, but woe is you who forgets about MechaHitler, or the dreaded Big Black Dick.

It is also unlike Superfight where you are at the mercy of the judge knowing who your character is or what they do. A dragon may indeed be a viable candidate to defeat The Doctor from Doctor Who, but if you are trying to convince a Doctor Who fan of this, your plea falls on deaf ears.

Sell Outs is more like the lesser known but fun Funemployed, in that it requires you to actually give a pitch about what you are selling. Not only does it allow you to make your case, but it also offers the opportunity for you to use unconventional responses in your pitch. You might not normally think about using a coffee mug to get your cat out of a tree, but if that mug weighs 20,000 pounds, and your cat is prone to knocking your stuff over, maybe you can use it to lure the cat down.

Sell Outs has Simple Modular Rules with Huge Variability!

While the game itself is very simple to play, and the rules are as easy to understand as they are brief, there’s a ton of variability. Play Lying Sell Outs, where you keep certain cards secret until the consumer buys a product. Play Two-Faced Sell Outs, where you and a friend join forces to give your pitch. Play Greedy Sell Outs where you introduce value to cards. Or, you can play Greedy, Lying, Two-Faced Sell Outs, where you combine all those variants.

Sell Outs is a game all about having fun, and while you can designate a winner at the end of the game, in our experience, winning this game does not matter as much as the journey.

Please check in on occasion to see where we are with the development. I’m hoping to have some concept art soon, and when the rules are finalized, I’ll talk a little bit more about those. I am feeling very optimistic about the potential of this game, so please stay tuned!

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