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RTX – We are going to Texas!

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We’re going to RTX 2016!

A week from tomorrow, Shanay and I will be flying to scenic Austin, Texas to battle the massive hoards in Texas summer weather at Rooster Teeth Expo. We had the trip planned before I started seriously working on Sell Outs, back when it was just a tiny little thought baby (as a side note, this was before RT announced Million Dollars But…). Here we are several months later with a great and fully functional prototype, a rough estimate for a Kickstarter date, and a decent amount of publicity within our group of friends.

Social Anxiety!

Social anxiety has crippled my social life for as long as I can remember. This worries me in relation to how I promote the game in person. I can almost always talk to new people when I have something to talk about, or a mutual friend to act as the social lubricant, but I have a difficult time starting a conversation. Even with people I know, I usually have a tough time keeping a conversation going, because my thoughts change constantly. I must say that I feel my confidence increasing, not just for the game, but in general, so I am really hoping that being in a strange place with thousands of strange people will inspire confidence in me rather than just more anxiety.

Official Beta Copy!

…Is not ready yet. I spoke to a local printing company. Because I do not have the card sheet laid out already, they quoted me 15 minutes per card at a rate of $65 per hour. Sadface. I really wanted to have a fully functional beta prototype to take to RTX. I am currently looking into software that makes creating card sheets just a wee bit easier. We have some stand-in designs until we make some decisions about what the finished product should look like. I will put those up in a separate post later today so they can get their own “showcase” as it were.

Some time after RTX, I should be able to get some copies printed, and we will see how things go from there. This expo should be a really good opportunity for us to get the word out. I am nervous, but without paying directly for advertising, these conventions could really be our best bet at getting the word out and hopefully having a successful Kickstarter!

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