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Let’s Try On a Little Optimism

From Despair to Optimism

We’re getting down to the wire on this little project of ours. We have been putting a lot of time into Sell Outs since March. We needed to revisit a lot of different aspects of the project to make sure we have the best chances possible for success. To be honest, the numbers weren’t adding up, and I was beginning to wonder what we could cut back in order to reach the most favorable outcome. Namely: A finished product, and not bankruptcy. Well, now is the time for optimism, because…

A New Printer’s Quote Was Much More Agreeable!

I fished around for some quotes. Some companies never got back to me, others had prices available on their site. Others still would have left us looking for tons of funding that, frankly, I doubt we would ever get on our first ever Kickstarter. But, I requested a quote through a new company, and I’m happy to say I am filled with optimism now. Not only will the cost to print be lower, but we can lower the Kickstarter goal significantly. We may also be able to lower the cost of the reward level that gets the game, as well! I was extremely worried we wouldn’t get anywhere near our goal, but now I think it’s totally possible!

I’ll have more to update you all on in the time to come, but please try to think of us next month when we’re looking for support! Thanks for reading!

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