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Sell Outs at Gen Con 50!

Gen Con 50

Gen Con 2017!

Alex and I are officially set up with event tables for Gen Con 50!

We are going to be playing Sell Outs at two tables for up to seven players at each table over the course of Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 10PM. If you’re planning on going to Gen Con and have some time to come check out Sell Outs with us, you can sign up for one of our blocks here: Sell Outs on the Gen Con Event Page

We are super excited to be going to Gen Con 2017. It will be our first time going, and we’re excited to be showing our game at such a major event in the board gaming community! Big thanks to the event coordinator from Gen Con for helping us get set up with our events!

We are also getting ready for our next two Kickstarters. Our next Kickstarter will be for the Traveling Salesman edition of Sell Outs. That will be launching in mid to late August! We are getting our artwork redone for a more professional and cleaner look. We look forward to hearing your opinions of the new designs!

As a reminder, you can play Sell Outs right now! The full version of the game is in Tabletop Simulator. We have a reduced print and play available on our downloads page. And if you are kind enough to sign up for our mailing list, you’ll get the print and play of our full card list!

We know you and your friends will love pitching your products to each other for silly and weird problems. So grab a handful of products with wild and wonderful features. Explain to your friends what their actual problems are. Embrace your inner salesperson. Sell Out!

See all you sell outs at Gen Con!

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