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Friend-Con Response

Thank you to everyone who tested our game at Friend-Con!

Some of you may have had a chance to test out our new game at Friend-Con 2016! Two of my co-conspirators, Alex and Megan, were at the convention this past weekend (5/28-5/29) with our first prototype of the game. I’m happy to report to the rest of you that the feedback was extremely positive!

First, a thank you to everyone at Friend-Con for your help!

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to try Sell Outs, and an extra special thank you goes out to those who have given us feedback! The biggest issue that I have heard was that the game takes too long. This is both a negative and a positive in my mind, because it makes me think that people are enjoying giving their pitches so much that they do not want to stop, and they cannot wait for their next turn!

Recognizing the issues

As it is, the game can get rather lengthy, especially with groups larger than six people. This could be an issue for what we are calling a ‘party game’. We are considering including a timer with the final product. Personally, I am not a huge fan of this idea, because I think it might degrade the gameplay by forcing people to rush and/or it might increase the cost of the game in the end. I am also unsure how difficult it would be to get all the cards and the timer packaged into a single box.

Another large concern was the size of the game, including card counts. It was pointed out that at first glance, the prototype does look larger than the final product due to each card being approximately two cards thick. Cards Against Humanity, an incredibly popular card game, contains 550 cards. At the present time, Sell Outs has 576 cards. We are still working on eliminating the less talented of the chosen cards.

Another concern was someone did not think they were creative enough to play the game. I suppose this was bound to happen at some point. Some players are not going to be as good at thinking on their feet and spinning their tale as others. It’s possible that our team variant of the game can help alleviate this feeling. Being that the premise of the game is based around mustering all of your creative bullshit to try and sell your product, it may be that the best we can do is shrug our collective shoulders, and accept the base game will not necessarily be for everyone. The variants definitely help to include different types of players. However, even sitting nearby and listening in was a good time:

It was definitely a hit to watch. People were coming by constantly to see what [we] were laughing about and asking to sit down and join in.

— Alex

High praise from our testers

Some of our testers compared the game in its essence to Cards Against Humanity. This is a fair comparison, due to the fact that Sell Outs was partially inspired by CAH. Some even went so far as to say it made some good improvements on the card-based, prompt-response formula. This is an honor to me, personally. I have purchased the CAH base game, and many of the expansions on top of it. It is a wildly funny game that is difficult to get offended by, no matter how hard the CAH people try. I have played it with friends and family, and I have used it as an icebreaker to meet new friends. So for people to say the concept of Sell Outs somehow one-ups such an influential game is astounding!

Future events

We are currently making plans to bring this experience to other events. Shanay and I will be bringing the game to RTX 2016 in Austin in the beginning of July. Alex and Megan travel to conventions fairly often, and will probably bring Sell Outs with them. We are going to try to bring it to gaming locations, like the Game Chateau, so that more people can get a look at Sell Outs.

In closing

We appreciate all of the feedback, and we are working hard on making Sell Outs the best and most fun we can, and I am so glad we could provide those who were at Friend-Con 2016 a good time.

Just a reminder, if all goes well, we are looking at a Kickstarter start date of sometime in January. Keep an eye out for that!

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3 thoughts on “Friend-Con Response

  1. You certainly don’t need the refill pack at first. But once you’ve played the game a few times, you will want some new cards.

    1. We are actually working on separating some cards into specialized expansion packs. This will have a few benefits, like lowering the cost of the base game, making the base set and the expansions friendlier for different audiences, etc.

  2. I have heard of this game and it sound like great fun! Hope to hear more soon.

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