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Our First Print Of Sell Outs!

Cards from our First Print!

Our First Print!

After several months of work, and almost two excruciatingly long weeks of waiting, we have finally received the results of our first print! I used some placeholder designs I made in Illustrator, but guys, let me tell you, the product and feature cards are striking! All the designs still need some refinement and some branding, but I am really pleased with this first set.

For Future Prints

With this being our first print, I could not have expected it to go perfectly. I am not a huge fan of the current color of the problem cards, and the margins on the card faces could use some refinement. I will probably also make the font a bit smaller so that there are fewer issues with word-wrapping. With all that said I still think I did pretty well for having never worked with Illustrator before. I am also going to do some more research on commercial printers. I have heard whispers of a company that will handle printing, packaging and assembly.

The Beta Print

This first print, our official beta copy of the game represents some real progress. I am super proud of everyone who helped with Sell Outs. Before, it was just a funny thing we worked on. An opportunity to slap some silly words and phrases on labels and make people pitch those silly words back at us. But now, it really feels like we are going to get somewhere. It stinks of opportunity in here.

Next Phase

With the first print out-of-the-way, we now have some beautiful cards to work with as we move into doing videos for Sell Outs. Our current plan is to do a series of videos, each detailing the pitches of one problem card per video. The intent is not to scrounge up extra views, but rather allow a person to watch any number of rounds they want, and allow viewers to re watch their favorites without hassle, and share with their friends, without requiring a major time investment. But the extra views would be nice.

You Too Can Be A $ell Out Soon!

I found a nice piece of software that should help with the process of creating a PDF. I am going to see about getting my own printed at Staples or something before I release it, though. I would hate to release the PDF and have a bunch of people get mad about having issues with printing. Rest assured, this will happen, and I am going to make it as soon as possible.

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