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Downloads Page Added

Downloads Page!

Greetings fellow humans! I have recently updated with a DOWNLOADS PAGE! THE PRINT AND PLAY PDF IS HERE!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Print and Play PDF has not yet been tested at any place that prints stuff as a service! This first edition PnP PDF is a print at your own risk! Although I did print out a copy using regular printer paper, and it looks lovely, even in black and white. Further instructions for getting the best print possible:

The rules can be printed out on regular printer paper.

If possible, print black on the backs of the feature cards and #A4BD99 green on the problem cards. If you can’t print color, the grey it makes should work well enough to differentiate the problem cards from the others. Although lighter paper will work okay for a little while, 80 pound cardstock or higher would give you a better result. Cut the cards up with a large paper slicer. Make sure you take your time and make a nice set. Also don’t lose any fingers! Or do, I’m not your boss.

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