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Downloadable Print and Play PDF

Print And Play PDF screen

Print and Play PDF!

Sometime over the next few weeks, I am going to make a Print and Play PDF available for printing. I think our plan is to make it so there’s enough cards to play the game normally without having to worry about it getting stale while still maintaining surprises for the full game. Keep an eye out for that!

Full Printed Copy!

I just checked up on my order from the printer, and it looks like the first two official copies of Sell Outs have left a facility in Tennessee and are on their way to their new homes! It is expected to arrive by, like, tomorrow, you guys! Alex and I are so super excited about actually having a real copy! Goodbye labels on cards! And once I have the Print and Play version out, you guys can all have your own copy of 2×2″ cards from your own printer!

Decisions to be Made

Because of everything that is going on, we have to make some tough decisions about how we handle things going forward. I guess we need some way to measure the success of our Kickstarter before we start it. To do that, we have started researching other, similar Kickstarter campaigns, like CAH, and Snake Oil. My estimate before our research was $50k. Yikes.

What We Found Out

After some looking, CAH only asked for $4k! HOLY HELL HOW WHY? I have no idea how they figured that would cover printing so many copies of 550 cards! My best guesses include supplementing the cost through donations prior to the Kickstarter, or holding off on printing until the post-Kickstarter preorders came in. That might be able to offset the cost of printing so many copies, but what happens if we don’t get enough preorders to bring the price down enough to be worthwhile?

As An Aside

I really want to do this project independent of another company. I could try to license it though another game maker, but I think this is a business I can really get behind, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunities and all the support I have. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project, even in the smallest capacity!

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