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Sell Outs: Card Design Part 1

Card Design: A Frustrating Endeavor

We have started thinking of card designs. It is difficult to think of designs that are similar, but distinct from that of other games. Our three-card format is also complicating things a bit, since we need three distinct designs that help easily determine which card is which, but at the same time similar enough that the design works well.

We had some ideas that I really liked, like a brown paper look for the products, conveying the blandness of the products cards that you later have to apply ‘color’ to with the features.
Brown Paper example
Ultimately I think we decided to scale back a bit. Simplicity is key, and it was hard to find a balance with the more complicated card design. We are also considering logos for the game and box art.

What is coming up

Once we have an initial design in place, or at least a placeholder design, I plan on doing our first initial print, likely with placeholder designs. It will only be a few copies, and I don’t think I will print the whole game, but we will have an official promo copy for bringing to conventions and the like. Once we get past the basic prototype of ‘labels on poker cards’ I will actually start to feel like we have a solid product to stand on.

I have two stories that fill me with hope about the future of this idea:

The first story is from Alex. Alex had taken our prototype to friend-con some time ago. Everyone who tried it had a blast, and if they had not had other timely interests at the con, they would have loved to continue playing it. This past weekend, Alex met up with a friend who tested the game at the convention, with plans at some point to play board games, and he was specifically asking if Alex had brought Sell Outs! I am super happy this is having a lasting impression on people! Unfortunately, I had the prototype at my house. Sorry to disappoint you, Alex’s friend!

The second story came to me from Shanay. Some time back, she introduced the IDEA of Sell Outs to some people she works with. A few days ago, Shanay tells me that one of her coworkers was asking where she could buy our game! We are still half a year away from our projected Kickstarter date, and already people are asking how they can buy a copy!

I am not typically a person who shows a lot of emotion, but believe me, this has me jumping for joy inside! I could not have imagined having this kind of response! I was excited about the idea in the beginning, but I thought it would just fizzle out. The people who are helping me with this project have been an absolute wonder to have. I would not be anywhere near where I am now if it was not for Shanay, Alex, Nathan, and Megan. These four people have helped the idea of Sell Outs blossom immensely from simple idea to first stage prototype and beyond! From publicity, to writing cards, brainstorming, conceptualizing, motivating, and being overall incredibly helpful, and I could not have gotten this far without them.

I am going to begin talking with a friend, Jenny, about our designs, so that we can make a move on getting to the next phase. I would like to have a first draft printed copy in the next two weeks. Card design is tough, but we’ve come this far. I am feeling confident that we can reach a final card design before long.

Maybe we should start a company…

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