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August Update

August Update

I figured I should do an August update since it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Things have been going a little slow recently. There has been so much to think about regarding Sell Outs, including upgrades, artwork, and pricing. We are trying to reach out to the lovely people that belong to tabletop gaming forums and the like. I’ll be honest, the response from forum users has not been very encouraging, but I expect they are a little more critical of games like ours, whereas I am starting to think more casual gamers could find a comfortable experience.

Quotes and Publicity

Currently, we are working on getting quotes so we can figure out how much we’ll need from our Kickstarter to be a success. I’ve found a few vendors I have reached out to. On top of that, marketing and publicity are pretty challenging! I have no idea if we’ll be able to generate enough interest on our project within the next few months. Our next major step in this department, I think, is making videos of the game being played. We’ll see how well that works out. Filming will be another challenge altogether. More on that some other time.

Up and Coming Ideas

Card Art

We have a few ideas for improvements. One forum poster suggested adding extra artwork to the cards to make them stand out a little better. I like the idea, but getting 500+ pieces of art commissioned sounds like a gigantic investment. I also feel like it would take away from the versatility of the cards somewhat.

Rule Change

I have a concern about the gameplay of Sell Outs. Currently, it’s very possible to play the consumer and pander to that person. While it makes sense in a way, I never really liked the idea of a “trump card” situation. We are going to test out a rule where if a seller is pandering too much, anyone else can call them a “Sell Out.” If a majority of players agree that the pitch required too much inside info about the consumer, that seller’s product is not eligible for the consumer to buy. We may need to consider a penalty for calling a failed vote to prevent abuse.

Card Back Design

As much as I like the design we currently have for the product and feature card backs, the issue has come up that it is difficult to orient the cards properly without looking at the front of them. This is a minor cosmetic issue, but it’s easy to understand where it would be frustrating for players, especially when one card is not supposed to be read until during the pitch.

Card Front Design

I like the simplicity of the current design of the card product and feature fronts, but I fear they are a little too close to other similar games. We may need a different design going forward.


That’s it for this first August update. I will try to have more information before next month, perhaps we can get some things rolling soon. Until next time, party on, Sell Outs!

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