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Capitalism meets improv, can you pitch it?

With nearly 20,000 solutions in every box, Sell Outs – Traveling Salesman packs a lot of content into a small, portable package! Take turns pitching wild and inventive products with unpredictable features to friends, neighbors, or strangers on a bus to solve their strange problems! Sell Outs – Traveling Salesman is a great game to take on the road, and you can combine the products and features into Sell Outs as an expansion!

Have you ever had chewing gum in your hair?

Do you suffer from bullying?

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the trunk of a car?

Could you sell a Refurbished Stick that Produces Free Energy?

How about 100 strips of Bacon that Cause Minor Hallucinations?

A Ship that Decays but Has Great Tech Support?

Do you wish that 2 to 4 passersby could sell you the perfect thing to solve your predicament?

Pitch, embellish, and spin your products to get the sale. Be the first to Sell Out of your products, and you win!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions .75 × 3.5 × 2.5 in

Dyslexie font, Dyslexia-friendly font

Card Quantity

16 Double Sided Product Cards, 34 Double Sided Features, 3 Two-Sided Problem List Cards, 1 Two-Sided Rules Card


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