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Emily is a Murderer?! – Arena Gods Gameplay

We played an alpha game called Arena Gods! More after the break.

Arena Gods

Some people are good at fighting in games. Some people are good at strategy. Others are good at micromanagement. Our sweet little Emily is surprisingly good at games that involve killing us. I am NOT saying that she wants us dead and has some pent up aggression against us. I AM saying that I cannot be certain she does not. Does she have some morbid and homicidal secret that we do not know about? Probably not. But maybe.

This game is really fun for what it is so far. Your action buttons are limited to a basic attack, a throw attack, and a dodge roll. Hidden within those controls involve catching a thrown item and killing someone on the ground. Melee attacks with weapons are one-hit kills, so rounds are quick. There is usually a Hunger Games-esque race to get the first weapon on the map, and the resulting exchange of blows usually ends with the last person to the party getting the weapon. The longer a round goes on, the more weapons spawn into the map.

We had a good time with this one. I got it through the Humble Monthly bundle, which is a service I recommend if you like getting games and trying games outside of the AAA-sphere for just $12 a month. You can read more about that here and you can see the official site for Arena Gods by clicking here. I am excited to see where the game goes from here.

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