Separate the products and features, and shuffle each pile.

Each player draws three product cards and three feature cards to form their hand.

The player who bought something most recently is the first customer.

The Round

The customer chooses a problem from the problems list, and reads it to the other players. The other players choose one product and one feature card (choosing either side) from their hand to pitch to the customer.

The Pitches

Starting with the player to the customer’s left, that player pitches their product to the customer. The player draws a random feature to add to their product during their pitch (again, choosing either side). Continue until all other players have given their pitch.

End Of The Round

The customer chooses the product they believe best solves their problem. That product’s player discards the cards they used for their pitch, without refilling their hand. That player is the next customer.

The other players pick up their product card and one of the feature cards they used and add them back to their hands. Discard the extra feature.

If there are no feature cards available for drawing, shuffle the discarded feature pile and use it as the new draw pile.


You win when you’ve run out of product cards!