Unsuccess is apparently a real word. Cool! So, we only got 22% of the way to our $15,000 goal to print Sell Outs after a 30 day campaign. However, we had almost one hundred backers, a lot of whom are people that found us organically. We learned about the mistakes we made during our pre-campaign time, we came across some new ideas, and we got a lot of support that left us feeling encouraged to try again with the new information!
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From Despair to Optimism

We’re getting down to the wire on this little project of ours. We have been putting a lot of time into Sell Outs since March. We needed to revisit a lot of different aspects of the project to make sure we have the best chances possible for success. To be honest, the numbers weren’t adding up, and I was beginning to wonder what we could cut back in order to reach the most favorable outcome. Namely: A finished product, and not bankruptcy. Well, now is the time for optimism, because… Continue reading “Let’s Try On a Little Optimism”

Prioritizing Scope Creep

I haven’t written a real update in a while. I should get better at this. So this project has presented a very new challenge for me. I knew from the beginning that this would be a big project. It’s only now, about two months before our planned Kickstarter launch date, that I realize how much I underestimated it. Scope creep is real, and it haunts me. We are, for the most part, just a team of two working on a majority of this project, and we know little of business, printing, distribution, and a lot of other challenges we face over the coming months.
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August Update

I figured I should do an August update since it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Things have been going a little slow recently. There has been so much to think about regarding Sell Outs, including upgrades, artwork, and pricing. We are trying to reach out to the lovely people that belong to tabletop gaming forums and the like. I’ll be honest, the response from forum users has not been very encouraging, but I expect they are a little more critical of games like ours, whereas I am starting to think more casual gamers could find a comfortable experience.
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Downloads Page!

Greetings fellow humans! I have recently updated bad-kerning.com with a DOWNLOADS PAGE! THE PRINT AND PLAY PDF IS HERE!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Print and Play PDF has not yet been tested at any place that prints stuff as a service! This first edition PnP PDF is a print at your own risk! Although I did print out a copy using regular printer paper, and it looks lovely, even in black and white. Further instructions for getting the best print possible:
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Our First Print!

After several months of work, and almost two excruciatingly long weeks of waiting, we have finally received the results of our first print! I used some placeholder designs I made in Illustrator, but guys, let me tell you, the product and feature cards are striking! All the designs still need some refinement and some branding, but I am really pleased with this first set.
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