About Us

Bad Kerning LLC is a tabletop game company formally created by Sean Teevan and Alexander Daise. The flagship product, Sell Outs, and the portable spinoff game, Sell Outs: Traveling Salesman Edition, will release in August 2018.


Bad Kerning was originally the brain-child of Sean Teevan, conceived in 2013 as a digital content production group. With the assistance of long time friend Eryk and relatively new friend Shanay, Bad Kerning was brought to life. They decided that gameplay videos might encourage both audience and content growth, as well as skill development. After one attempt at a dramatic short film, work halted on the channel for quite some time. Thaw, yet to be released, would lie dormant on the cutting room floor for over five years.

Gameplay video production restarted with personalities including Sean Teevan, Alexander Daise, Shanay, Eryk, Dean, and Emily, producing dozens of videos. However production would slow due to conflicting schedules and limited time.

Over time, and with the addition of Alexander Daise to the group, Bad Kerning’s objective evolved. After the inception and development of Sell Outs, a card game based on pitching oddball products to solve a customer’s often strange problem, Bad Kerning became an official business, becoming Bad Kerning LLC. After an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign for the flagship product, Sean and Alex set about to make a smaller product that had a higher chance of getting funded. Sell Outs: Traveling Salesman Edition was born from an idea for the Kickstarter Make100 promotion. Sell Outs: Traveling Salesman Edition card game exceeded it’s funding goal at 150% and production was underway.

Our goal is to get enough attention and provide enough entertainment to warrant going into business, allowing us to expand into a full time digital content delivery powerhouse, perhaps even starting a network for other small time creators to expand their reach. We have since been joined by a number of talented people, such as Alex, Dean, and Emily, who are becoming regular features in videos.

We hope you enjoy our work, and humbly ask that you show your friends.